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Special machines and equipment, CNC and machining, powder coating

10 years of experience and services for customers

In January 2013, after several years of successful development of the brand, VALSTRO oficially became a company with the status of a limited liability company VALSTRO Ltd. The company is devoted to the construction and production of machines and machine parts.

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VALSTRO Ltd. provides its own implementation, production and assembly of machines and parts. The company has machine tools for chip machining (milling machine tools with Heidenhain system, lathes, CNC machining center Hartford Omikron 850), powder coating equipment, workplace for sanding materials, workplace for welding with TIG technology, assembly and reviving workshop and testing room. Other technologies and works are ensured in cooperation and through suppliers.

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Mechanical, electrical and electronic part of specific machines are equiped with top components of the leading international and domestic manufacturers and importers. Most of our customers are domestic companies engaged in the manufacture of various automotive parts and electronics.

Take advantage of our 10 years of experience and expand our list of satisfied customers!

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